Canteen by Dig

We at Foodprint Group are beyond pleased to announce that Dig, a New York City fast casual restaurant chain, is launching an exciting reusable to go bowl pilot today!

Participating customers will be able to get their food served to them in a reusable bowl with a reusable lid that they can take to go!

Dig has 20+ location in NYC and 4 in Boston, and has been working on their Zero Waste program with Foodprint Group for just under a year. This pilot is part of their Zero Waste efforts and is happening at their NYU location at 691 Broadway.

As some of you know, take out waste from restaurants has been a personal obsession of our co-founder, Laura Rosenshine, for a few years. We are proud of her determination and she is eternally grateful to all the people at Dig, especially Adam Eskin, Dig’s founder and CEO, and Elizabeth Meltz, Head of Food Safety & Sustainability, for believing in this vision and bringing this pilot to life. The New Food Economy published this fantastic article on the Canteen By Dig program and the opportunity and need for shifting away from single use disposable dishware to reusable serviceware for our take out, delivery and quick-service dine-in meals.

Here are some additional details:

  • The program is called Canteen by Dig, see this Link to Canteen by Dig.

  • Dig in partnered with GO Box technology (Portland, OR based reusables app) to have their own app call Canteen by Dig that customers will use to check out and check back in their reusable bowls.

  • Subscribers will not have to wash their own bowls, they will return the bowls to Dig to wash and sanitize.

  • The app is available to download at the App Store ‎Canteen by Dig and Google Play
    Canteen by Dig

  • Customers pay a $3 monthly subscription fee to be able to check out an unlimited amount of bowls each month, one bowl at a time.

Thanks to all those who continue support the reusables mission! Now, grab your phone and check out a bowl for some delicious food with a large side of sustainability!