Our Process

Through a combination of people power and enabling technology, we work with our clients to:


Assess Opportunities

  1.  Wasted Materials Audit
  2.  Purchasing Analysis  
  3.  Infrastructure Inventory
  4.  Review of Waste Management, Recycling and Donations Procedures 
  5.  Hauling Program Assessment
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Set Corporate, Site and Staff Goals

  1. Waste Reduction
  2. Waste Diversion
  3. Carbon Reduction
  4. Cost Savings 
  5. Awareness/Engagement
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Implement Programs and Deliver Dashboard

  1. Green and Efficient Purchasing
  2. Site Design - Signage, Bins and Equipment
  3. Hauler and Processor Selection
  4. Donations Program
  5. Education, Training and Communications
  6. TRUE Zero Waste and Sustainability Certifications Support 

Measure Performance

  1. Foodprint Trax (for Diversion and Carbon Reporting)
  2. Integration with Customer's Reporting Tools
  3. Impact Reporting (Carbon Reduction and Cost Savings from Diversion, Materials Reduction, Staff Efficiencies, Improved Hauler Contracts)

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