We help food and hospitality operations design Zero Waste into their places and people processes. By reducing waste and improving recycling, we help our clients respond to market demand, meet regulatory requirements, save money and achieve sustainability goals. 


Zero Waste Programs

Design and launch waste reduction and recycling programs to achieve 90% or better diversion from landfill or incineration. Includes front and back of the house design implementation, training and education, circular strategies for waste removal, tracking and reporting.



Track waste stream weights and volumes and diversion rates to understand carbon reduction, cost savings and operational benefits of wasted materials management practices. Share success with employees and customers.

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Waste Assessments

Provide LEED-level building, deep dive in-kitchen waste audits to assess opportunities for waste reduction and full building contamination audits to assess diversion opportunities and identify problem items.


Hauler selection and support

Lead hauling partner RFP and contracting process; provide ongoing technical assistance to assure optimal service.


Reusable Dishware

Develop and launch reusable dishware programs for fast casual and food service operations. Includes cost-benefit analysis, materials, membership software, program evaluation and rollout.


environmentally Preferred purchasing support

Identify reusable and green substitutions for disposable serviceware and product packaging/shipping materials.


Waste management technology

Evaluate and manage the selection of onsite technologies to reduce the weight and volume of materials or automatically convey waste to achieve operational efficiencies.